After years of careful development, research, and bringing together one of the finest production teams anywhere, National Wildlife Federation, Destination Cinema and Zephyr Productions have completed production of a ground breaking IMAX® film on whales. Whales brings to the giant screen the drama, joy and poetry of the underwater domain of some of the largest creatures to ever live on earth! The film shows the habitats and lives of the Humpback, Right, Blue and Orca whales, as well as countless other wondrous creatures which share their undersea environs or patrol the shores nearby.

The world premiere of Whales took place at the Museum of Science in Boston. The film is now opening at large-format theaters around the world.

We invite you to explore our home page, including information and photographs of many types of whales. You'll learn about the many people who have been involved in the making of this film and the exciting events they have been able to capture.

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